Working with the great team at BWM, Hackett Films took this trusted brand into a bold new textured world. With NIB’s existing strong brand elements, they wanted Hackett Films to... more

  • My Family Feast

    James Hackett and Justin Drape from the The Monkeys joined forces again for this fun titles sequence. Justin brought in Dan Eldon's Africa journal which was great inspiration for the... more

  • Check out How to Make a Planet… Character

    Jean Camden, director of DirtGirlWorld designed and illustrated the main character for How to Make a Planet for Ariana Klepac, Director of Klepac Publishing. She kindly gave us a walkthrough of... more

  • Tractor Monkeys

    The ABC archive is full of weird and wonderful things so why not make a show around it? Jennifer Collins at the ABC asked us to create a broadcast package... more

  • ABC3 Idents 2012

    Di Constantini from the ABC asked us to come up with 3 new idents based on kids stories. The result is a dragon that can't breathe fire, a world made... more

  • Maritime Museum ‘Choose your own adventure’ Illustrations

    We created four variations of Lucy for the print component of the Maritime Museum campaign: Captain Cook style, water warrior, pirate and modern captain. We worked at a crazy resolution... more

  • Charles Darwin University

    Hackett Films developed a number of TVCs for Charles Darwin University with PLAY Communication. The result was a simple yet effective set of motion graphic TVCs that captured the new... more

  • Health and Wellbeing 2013

    Bauer Media wanted to create a bright, fresh new look for this year's Health and Wellbeing Festival. Instead of going with the usual live action route, we... more

  • Schweppes LQD+

    Make sure you have something grey to look at after subjecting your eyeballs to these colourful, fruity, techno explosions. In these TVCs dynamic imagery combined with an upbeat track reflect... more