• The Burning Season

    Like an indonesian forest on fire, Director Cathy Henkel and Mary Benn sparked captivating visuals that explained the complex sections of Cathy's eco-active documentary "The Burning Season". We combined chainsaw... more

  • Joy of Sets

    Hackett Films and Andrew Denton’s company, Zapruder’s Other Films, teamed up again for The Joy Of Sets for Channel 9. The series takes a journey through the world of television,... more

  • Sex: An Unnatural History

    Naked wobbly bits! There was too much fun to be had and too many inappropriate office jokes made for us not to enjoy working with Luke Eve, Michaela Perske and... more

  • ABC3 Studio 3 2011

    Hackett Films worked alongside ABC children’s producer Jan Stradling on this broadcast package for ABC3's cornerstone show Studio 3. We wrote the scripts for the titles and breakers and developed... more

  • School A to Z

    The Department of Education and Training's (DET) exciting 'School A to Z' project provides a multi-platform demystifier for parents and children engaged in the NSW public school system. We had the... more

  • Virgin Australia — In Flight Safety Information

    Wanting to steer clear of the usual dry airline safety demonstration video fodder, Interact approached James at Hackettfilms to create an engaging character driven 3D animation, more aligned to the humor... more

  • The Dissociatives

    Daniel Johns and Paul Mac were feeling like a change of look and we were happy to give them a complete overhaul with this photo-montage toon-ification. James and the team... more

  • John Butler Trio — Good Excuse

    What a pleasure it was to meet and work with the talented Mr. John Butler and his band members, Shannon Birchall (on up-right bass) and Michael Barker (on drums). After... more

  • Bundaberg Rum Club Visuals

    From mustache skipping to Queen Victoria getting her groove on, the team created a series of VJ Projections for the Bundaberg Rum team at Leo Burnett. Top DJs from around... more

  • CBA Pitch

    “Help, we need a 60 second commercial for a pitch in 48 hours...”. That was the call from Brendan at DDB. In a frenzy of activity where the nights became... more

  • Habitat

    Elevator Entertainment commissioned Hackett Films to make an app featuring adorable polar bears! In the vein of the Tamagotchi persistence play craze of the 90s, players will undertake actions to... more

  • School A to Z Illustrations

    The Department of Education and Training’s (DET) exciting 'School A to Z' project provides a multi-platform demystifier for parents and children engaged in the NSW public school system. Mary and Jean... more

  • McDonalds Storybook Pitch

    Mark Medernach from Duck Studios put a call out for illustrated storybook concepts, and Hackett Films responded with Jack and the Beanstalk meets a Fancy Dress Party! Our hero character... more

  • Digicel Illustrations

    We were commissioned to create light-hearted, character driven 3D commercials for the telco Digicel. It was such a hit in Papua New Guinea that Samoa, Fiji and Vanuatu and New... more

  • dirtgirlworld

    Cate McQuillen and Hewey Eustace from Mememe Productions approached Hackett Films with an idea for a children's television series. Together we worked on the visual concept for the show, and... more

  • ABC3 Idents 2012

    Di Constantini from the ABC asked us to come up with 3 new idents based on kids stories. The result is a dragon that can't breathe fire, a world made... more

  • Maritime Museum ‘Choose your own adventure’ Illustrations

    We created four variations of Lucy for the print component of the Maritime Museum campaign: Captain Cook style, water warrior, pirate and modern captain. We worked at a crazy resolution... more

  • Pet Superstars

    Do you think your pet is a superstar? This series for ABC Children’s is all about fabulous fluffy bunnies and super slobbering dogs. We created a broadcast package of awesome... more

  • Lucy in the making

    We love a behind the scenes here in the studio, so the lovely Greg put together this short movie on Lucy and her worlds. It formed a TVC and print... more

  • Nomination alert

    We're super chuffed here at Hackett that we're a finalist in the PromaxBDA Global Awards for 2013. Our work on Dragon for Di Constantini at the ABC has made the... more

  • Henry Hoo Teaser

    Henry Hoo is a full on global rockstar with a passion for creative experimentation. While touring the world his band battles for chart supremacy with corrupt K-Pop overlord Ken Lee... more

  • Dylan and Jessica’s Story

    Hackett Films were commissioned to make these animations as part of the NSW School-Link Initiative. The objective is to aid teachers in identifying mental health problems early and assisting children,... more

  • Lucy Illustration in ‘Voyage to the Deep’

    Lucy is back for the third year in another adventure at the Australian National Maritime Museum. This year Lucy is rockin’ the steam punk theme in a stunning matte painting... more

  • Can a spider be charming?

    We think so! Meet the lovely Gert as he avoids the varying levels of power provided by the  new Gerni in this TVC we created for Bloke. Check him out here.... more