Working with the great team at BWM, Hackett Films took this trusted brand into a bold new textured world. With NIB’s existing strong brand elements, they wanted Hackett Films to... more

  • The Dissociatives

    Daniel Johns and Paul Mac were feeling like a change of look and we were happy to give them a complete overhaul with this photo-montage toon-ification. James and the team... more

  • John Butler Trio — Good Excuse

    What a pleasure it was to meet and work with the talented Mr. John Butler and his band members, Shannon Birchall (on up-right bass) and Michael Barker (on drums). After... more

  • Grinspoon — Bleed You Dry

    No edits and a make up girl that was too scared to approach Phil Jamison make this a gritty and exciting music video. The song was written in about 4... more

  • Can Of Worms 2011

    This title sequence gets across some of the game mechanics in the show, introduces the host and evokes new and old forms of media all in under 25 seconds. We... more

  • dirtgirlworld

    Cate McQuillen and Hewey Eustace from Mememe Productions approached Hackett Films with an idea for a children's television series. Together we worked on the visual concept for the show, and... more

  • OMG do you have FOMO?

    If you have a Y-chromosome the chances are no - you do not, but for all the ladies out there this is a real issue. Shift asked us to show... more

  • Behind the Scenes of FOMO

    Have a peak behind the scenes of our stop-motion ad "FOMO". Check out the stuff you could have missed in our newest ad! ... more