• iView

    Di Costantini and Hackett Films created the loveable nerd Stuart, who proudly illustrates the wonderful ability of iView to catch up on TV over a number of devices. We developed... more

  • BT Super

    An entertaining and informative green apple! Producer Kaija Wall and creatives Bob Mackintosh and Will Miles from Host came to Hackett Films with the interesting brief of giving an apple... more

  • Digicel

    Hackett Films were commissioned to create a light-hearted, character driven 3D commercial for the telco Digicel. It was such a hit in Papua New Guinea that Samoa, Fiji and Vanuatu... more

  • NIB

    Working with the great team at BWM, Hackett Films took this trusted brand into a bold new textured world. With NIB’s existing strong brand elements, they wanted Hackett Films to... more

  • Royal Easter Show

    What would the Royal Easter Show be without Bluey, Smokey and Milky? These three very excited little critters, created by Hackett Films, helped energise the campaign for the Royal Agricultural... more

  • Unwired

    Scott Nowell and Justin Drape from The Monkeys approached us with a great idea and we worked out a unique and unprecedented way to produce this ambitious TVC. We produced... more

  • Bindis Bootcamp

    Treasured Aussie Icon Bindi Irwin enters a new stage in her rising career as a wildlife tv game show host! Bindi’s Bootcamp offers young adventurers the chance to get up... more

  • Gruen Planet

    Look out the Gruen team are taking on the planet! The latest show from Zapruder’s Other Films is taking on a broader range of topics including image control, spin, branding... more

  • IF Awards

    Cubes of light come together to make up a large screen like wall in this striking awards title sequence and broadcast package by Hackett Films for the 2011 Jameson IF... more

  • Moon Week

    The Monkeys came to us with a great script and creative and we worked with them to bring to life this 1960’s style animation. The audio, voiced by Ted Maynard,... more

  • My Family Feast

    James Hackett and Justin Drape from the The Monkeys joined forces again for this fun titles sequence. Justin brought in Dan Eldon's Africa journal which was great inspiration for the... more

  • Off Their Rockers

    Look out Australia the oldies are kicking ass! Granada Media asked us to create a title sequence for this comedy candid camera style show. Hackett Films shot the title sequence at the... more

  • Sex: An Unnatural History

    Naked wobbly bits! There was too much fun to be had and too many inappropriate office jokes made for us not to enjoy working with Luke Eve, Michaela Perske and... more

  • Broken Hill Studios

    Hackett Films worked with Frost Design to develop a 3D logo resolve for Broken Hill Studios. We modeled, rigged and animated a matching character to seamlessly bring their brand to... more

  • School A to Z

    The Department of Education and Training's (DET) exciting 'School A to Z' project provides a multi-platform demystifier for parents and children engaged in the NSW public school system. We had the... more

  • University of Sydney — Shanghai World Expo

    Hackett Films created three sequences for the Shanghai Expo showcasing the work and research of the University of Sydney and its ongoing ties with China. Students and professors were rounded... more

  • Think Before

    Hackett Films was approached to create a student campaign about travelling safely, which included an animation, website design, app design and poster prints. The animated film was inspired by a... more

  • Virgin Australia — In Flight Safety Information

    Wanting to steer clear of the usual dry airline safety demonstration video fodder, Interact approached James at Hackettfilms to create an engaging character driven 3D animation, more aligned to the humor... more

  • Bauer Media Group — Go to Market

    Bauer Media Group asked Hackett Films to update their 'Go To Market' presentation, with a new look and feel. Keeping it all highly energetic and super shiny, we combined snappy... more

  • Cold Chisel — All For You

    This was our first remote video, we worked with files sent to us from Chisel’s manager John O’Donnell. Even the live-action was sent to us via FTP after Robert Hambling... more

  • The Dissociatives

    Daniel Johns and Paul Mac were feeling like a change of look and we were happy to give them a complete overhaul with this photo-montage toon-ification. James and the team... more

  • John Butler Trio — Good Excuse

    What a pleasure it was to meet and work with the talented Mr. John Butler and his band members, Shannon Birchall (on up-right bass) and Michael Barker (on drums). After... more

  • Paul Mac — Sunshine Eyes

    Paul Mac produced this wonderfully emotive track. Could HF handle the emotion? With the grace that only music video will afford you, we experimented with Digital SLRs and projectors and... more

  • The Potbelleez — Shake It

    'Shake It' is the Potbelleez second single from their highly anticipated sophomore release 'Destination Now'. Hackett Films was invited to produce an energetic, sexy and stylistic music video for... more

  • Sydney Airport

    Excited adventurers, sad goodbyes and happy hellos all feature in this warm-hearted video. Our job was to encapsulate the busy goings on at Sydney Airport. Highlighting the sheer volume of... more

  • Bundaberg Rum Club Visuals

    From mustache skipping to Queen Victoria getting her groove on, the team created a series of VJ Projections for the Bundaberg Rum team at Leo Burnett. Top DJs from around... more

  • Private: Diageo Hype Reel 2011

    After working with Leo Burnett on the Bundaburg Rum club VJ visuals, Hackett Films had the opportunity to create the internal hype video for Diageo’s the end of financial year... more

  • Graphic Festival

    For the second year running, Hackett Films was proud to be involved in the Graphic Animation Festival, producing the hero concept and show graphics. For 2011, we created an ethereal... more

  • Grinspoon — Bleed You Dry

    No edits and a make up girl that was too scared to approach Phil Jamison make this a gritty and exciting music video. The song was written in about 4... more

  • Lee Harding — Anything For You

    Sure he was only famous for 15 seconds but he was great to work with and excellent at doing the same thing over and over. This was James’s first time... more

  • Deutsche Bank

    No more boring presentations! Working with Vince Frost, we created this dynamic presentation to inform the international Deutsche Bank team about opportunities in new markets. Using the paper pop up... more

  • Australia Day 2012

    With the emphasis on having a fun family Australia Day, Hackett Films has produced this satirical commentary on the lengths people will go to, in order to fully enjoy the... more

  • CBA Pitch

    “Help, we need a 60 second commercial for a pitch in 48 hours...”. That was the call from Brendan at DDB. In a frenzy of activity where the nights became... more

  • Habitat

    Elevator Entertainment commissioned Hackett Films to make an app featuring adorable polar bears! In the vein of the Tamagotchi persistence play craze of the 90s, players will undertake actions to... more

  • The Hed — Music Show Pitch

    A talking interactive TV head... How else would you talk to the youth of today? A quirky show proposal for ABC 3 that didn’t quite make it. If you’re in... more

  • Urthboy — Ready to go

    Stop motion meets time lapse in this video for Urthboy which was played on high rotation on MTV, Rage and Video Hits. A unique visual styling using breakdancers in LED... more

  • Australia Day 2012 Illustrations

    With the emphasis on having a fun family Australia Day, Hackett Films has produced this satirical commentary on the lengths people will go to, in order to fully enjoy the... more

  • Digicel Illustrations

    We were commissioned to create light-hearted, character driven 3D commercials for the telco Digicel. It was such a hit in Papua New Guinea that Samoa, Fiji and Vanuatu and New... more

  • Graphic Festival Illustrations

    For the second year running, Hackett Films was proud to be involved in the Graphic Animation Festival, producing the hero concept and show graphics. For 2011, we created an ethereal... more

  • Royal Easter Show Illustrations

    What would the Royal Easter Show be without Bluey, Smokey and Milky? These three very excited little critters, created by Hackett Films, helped energised the campaign for the Royal Agricultural... more

  • Can Of Worms 2011

    This title sequence gets across some of the game mechanics in the show, introduces the host and evokes new and old forms of media all in under 25 seconds. We... more

  • dirtgirlworld

    Cate McQuillen and Hewey Eustace from Mememe Productions approached Hackett Films with an idea for a children's television series. Together we worked on the visual concept for the show, and... more

  • Private: Looking for Daniel Johns

    Where is Australia’s rock wunderkind? Where is that double album, what is Daniel’s relationship with Silverchair like now and what is he up to? ... more

  • OMG do you have FOMO?

    If you have a Y-chromosome the chances are no - you do not, but for all the ladies out there this is a real issue. Shift asked us to show... more

  • ‘FOMO’ for U by Kotex

    OMG do you have FOMO? Well these girls have it bad! Shift Communications asked Hackett Films to show the lengths these girls will go to in a live action meets... more

  • Commbank ‘Kaching’

    Throw a party and shoot it! The team at M&C Saatchi led by Shane Gibson threw down the challenge and we keenly accepted. To demonstrate how CommBank’s new mobile payment... more

  • Gruen Sweat

    Let the gains begin! Covering the world's biggest sporting event, Zapruder's Other Films brings you Gruen Sweat. The team will expose and dissect the marketing bubble that hovers around the Olympic Games.... more

  • Tractor Monkeys

    The ABC archive is full of weird and wonderful things so why not make a show around it? Jennifer Collins at the ABC asked us to create a broadcast package... more

  • ABC3 Studio 3 2012

    Following on from our 2011 idents starring the cute, chaotic, chameleon character 3;  ABC3 asked us to create a few more back stage situations for 3 to get involved in... more

  • ABC3 Idents 2012

    Di Constantini from the ABC asked us to come up with 3 new idents based on kids stories. The result is a dragon that can't breathe fire, a world made... more

  • Maritime Museum ‘Choose your own adventure’ Illustrations

    We created four variations of Lucy for the print component of the Maritime Museum campaign: Captain Cook style, water warrior, pirate and modern captain. We worked at a crazy resolution... more

  • Pet Superstars

    Do you think your pet is a superstar? This series for ABC Children’s is all about fabulous fluffy bunnies and super slobbering dogs. We created a broadcast package of awesome... more

  • Maritime Museum ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ TVC

    For the summer of 2013, the Maritime Museum have launched three fun, family friendly exhibitions. The team at the brand new agency Bloke asked us to create the adventurous tomboy... more

  • Ahoy there!

    You may have missed her... but she's everywhere... on bus shelters, airport billboards even the monorail. She's also graced your TVC screen touting action packed fun for the Maritime Museum.... more

  • Badass oldies alert

    Yep, these guys will take you on and take you down. No strangers to a bit of graff work down at Bondi beach, clearly they are 'Off Their Rockers'. ... more

  • Lucy in the making

    We love a behind the scenes here in the studio, so the lovely Greg put together this short movie on Lucy and her worlds. It formed a TVC and print... more

  • Monkeying around with tractors

    Our latest broadcast package has just gone to air on ABC1. As you will see we had lots of fun doodling around in seriously bright colours. See more more

  • Bundaberg Brewed & Crafted

    Fancy a taste of the surreal? Hackett took up the challenge laid down by the team at Leo Burnett. The latest in a line of eccentric ad campaigns for Bundaberg... more

  • Insurance Line

    One in a series of TVCs we directed for The Hallway. This one was fraught with danger as the cast plays cricket behind our host. Luckily no windows were broken... more

  • New Cleo

    Live action, motion control and some damn good looking models were all part of the brief. Hackett Films teamed up with Carolyn Innis, Creative Director at Bauer Media Group to... more

  • Nomination alert

    We're super chuffed here at Hackett that we're a finalist in the PromaxBDA Global Awards for 2013. Our work on Dragon for Di Constantini at the ABC has made the... more

  • Gruen Nation 2013

    It’s not often our work is affected by a political ousting but the news bought about a collective “what the hell are we going to do now?”. The stop-motion... more

  • Health and Wellbeing 2013

    Bauer Media wanted to create a bright, fresh new look for this year's Health and Wellbeing Festival. Instead of going with the usual live action route, we... more

  • Gruen Planet 2013

    Look out the Gruen team are taking on the planet! The continuation from last year's run from CJZ is taking on a broader range of topics including image control, spin,... more

  • Henry Hoo Teaser

    Henry Hoo is a full on global rockstar with a passion for creative experimentation. While touring the world his band battles for chart supremacy with corrupt K-Pop overlord Ken Lee... more

  • ABC3 Studio 3 2014

    Our bouncy friend is getting into more backstage trouble in these new indents for 2014. ... more

  • Australian Museum T-Rex

    ... more

  • National Maritime Museum, A Viking Adventure

    Working again with the good team at Bloke, we re-invigorated Lucy for the Australian National Maritime Museum. She's back and packing a high powered super-soaker. The action and drama is... more

  • Bauer Media Group – Inspire Reel

    Bauer Media Group asked Hackett Films to create a video about Bauer being passionate people that create to inspire. A select number of editors let us behind the scenes... more

  • ABC3 Studio 3 2014 Refresh

    Studio 3 came back to us this year to re-fresh their title sequence and broadcast package featuring the adorable little 3. How could we say no? We wanted to... more

  • Office of Children’s Guardian

    The Office of Children's Guardian came to us with a tough brief to produce a 2D animated video that informs young actors of what they need to know when working... more

  • Bauer Media Group – The Insiders

    Bauer Media Group asked Hackett Films to create a series of mini documentaries on the opinions and passions of the top industry people in fashion and their magazines. ... more

  • Reality Check

    CJZ came to us with a fun brief to create a title sequence for their new ABC show ‘Reality Check’. We were keen to elude to the vastness of... more

  • Waste less, recycle more

    As part of new waste regulations for 2014 in NSW, the EPA engaged us to help them clearly communicate important changes. We created an isometric world to help convey the... more

  • There’s More to Love

    Bauer Media are launching their new digital destination for women who love food, homes, family and wellbeing. Through all their magazine titles they aim to create the ideal network for... more

  • Lucy takes a ‘Voyage to the Deep’

    Lucy is back for the third year in another adventure at the Australian National Maritime Museum!  This year Lucy is rockin' the Jules Verne inspired steam punk theme. Lucy travels... more

  • Lucy Illustration in ‘Voyage to the Deep’

    Lucy is back for the third year in another adventure at the Australian National Maritime Museum. This year Lucy is rockin’ the steam punk theme in a stunning matte painting... more

  • NRMA Stuff of Life

    While life changes, life gets better! That was the message Tammy and Paul, from the Hallway, were spruiking with the latest DRTV commercial for NRMA. To demonstrate these life improvements and... more

  • Gerni Power Grip

    Introducing Gerni's new Power Grip friend 'Gert' created for the team at Bloke. He's the spider that survives (just!) no thanks to the new seven levels of water pressure. The 30... more

  • Can a spider be charming?

    We think so! Meet the lovely Gert as he avoids the varying levels of power provided by the  new Gerni in this TVC we created for Bloke. Check him out here.... more

  • Schweppes LQD+

    Make sure you have something grey to look at after subjecting your eyeballs to these colourful, fruity, techno explosions. In these TVCs dynamic imagery combined with an upbeat track reflect... more

  • Magic Millions 2016

    Racehorses, models, $18,ooo dresses, drones, sand and sea... to capture the glamour and excitement of the Magic Millions carnival on the Gold Coast. Working with Carolyn Innes we created this... more

  • Goldie & Bear for Disney Junior

    We were asked to promo Disney Junior's new show based on the timeless classic stories that have been extended into new tales. Childhood memories of charming pop up books form the basis of this... more

  • Xmas: Absence Makes the Brand Grow Stronger

    by James Hackett, Creative Director at Hackett Films

    Christmas is in many ways the perfect brand, it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, it’s infinitely re-imaginable and... more

  • St Vincents Hospital Heart Health Procedures

    The Heart Health team at St Vincents Hospital asked us to help them create a series of animated procedures to inform their patients in a clear, simple and non threatening way. The... more

  • Animation Saved My Life

    by James Hackett, Creative Director at Hackett Films

    Alright, not quite literally… but say you are doing a healthy eating, let’s be less of a... more

  • Child SAFE Book Series

    Meet Sam, Andy, Fiona and Eve from the SAFE book series. The challenge was how to communicate to preschoolers the dangers and issues that could confront them without making them afraid to... more

  • Australian Sports Commission ‘Heroes’

    The Monkeys came to us to help them create this feel good campaign that aims to inspire us all to be an everyday hero to our kids through sport and exercise.... more

  • Disney XD Singapore Idents

    Our second set of idents for Disney XD showcases the classic characters Phineas & Ferb, Randy Cunningham and Kick Buttowski. The earlier ones we did for Australia where so well received that Disney... more

  • 2016 UNSW Art & Design Annual HF Award

    We were really pleased to be able to give a paid internship to the outstanding Melanie Shin  for her film “I am Not a Very Good Bird”on Friday night. It's... more

  • Is the Phone the Greatest Transitional Object of Modern Times?

    A transitional object is Linus's blanket, it is Bilbo's ring, it is you and your phone. The term was coined by psychoanalyst Donald Winnicottmore