• BT Super

    An entertaining and informative green apple! Producer Kaija Wall and creatives Bob Mackintosh and Will Miles from Host came to Hackett Films with the interesting brief of giving an apple... more

  • Unwired

    Scott Nowell and Justin Drape from The Monkeys approached us with a great idea and we worked out a unique and unprecedented way to produce this ambitious TVC. We produced... more

  • Gruen Planet

    Look out the Gruen team are taking on the planet! The latest show from Zapruder’s Other Films is taking on a broader range of topics including image control, spin, branding... more

  • IF Awards

    Cubes of light come together to make up a large screen like wall in this striking awards title sequence and broadcast package by Hackett Films for the 2011 Jameson IF... more

  • Graphic Festival 2011 — Godzilla

    As part of Graphic Animation Festival competition, Hackett Films created a few example animations to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. With this one, we went for a godzilla esque stop... more

  • Urthboy — Ready to go

    Stop motion meets time lapse in this video for Urthboy which was played on high rotation on MTV, Rage and Video Hits. A unique visual styling using breakdancers in LED... more

  • Behind the scenes – Gruen Planet

    The making of Gruen Planet To fit within the family of Gruen Transfer and Gruen Nation, we wanted the title sequence of Gruen Planet to have a tactile and... more

  • OMG do you have FOMO?

    If you have a Y-chromosome the chances are no - you do not, but for all the ladies out there this is a real issue. Shift asked us to show... more

  • ‘FOMO’ for U by Kotex

    OMG do you have FOMO? Well these girls have it bad! Shift Communications asked Hackett Films to show the lengths these girls will go to in a live action meets... more

  • Gruen Nation 2013

    It’s not often our work is affected by a political ousting but the news bought about a collective “what the hell are we going to do now?”. The stop-motion... more

  • Gruen Planet 2013

    Look out the Gruen team are taking on the planet! The continuation from last year's run from CJZ is taking on a broader range of topics including image control, spin,... more

  • Reality Check

    CJZ came to us with a fun brief to create a title sequence for their new ABC show ‘Reality Check’. We were keen to elude to the vastness of... more

  • NRMA Stuff of Life

    While life changes, life gets better! That was the message Tammy and Paul, from the Hallway, were spruiking with the latest DRTV commercial for NRMA. To demonstrate these life improvements and... more

  • Weet-bix Bites — Banana Blast TVC

    To launch a new Weet-bix Bites product, BWM and Brigade where looking for something to really capture the taste experience of 'Banana Blast’, wonderful tactile stop-motion seemed to just the... more

  • Look out, there’s a ninja banana about!

    When asked to create an idea for launching Weet-bix Banana Bites, it's only natural to think of ninjas! Check out the tvc we recently completed for more

  • Pilot Frixion

    One For All (OFA) came to us to execute this series of TVCs for Pilot. Their new erasable Frixion pens means you can erase and instantly re-write over your mistakes. Four simple stories... more