• Gruen Planet

    Look out the Gruen team are taking on the planet! The latest show from Zapruder’s Other Films is taking on a broader range of topics including image control, spin, branding... more

  • Joy of Sets

    Hackett Films and Andrew Denton’s company, Zapruder’s Other Films, teamed up again for The Joy Of Sets for Channel 9. The series takes a journey through the world of television,... more

  • Can Of Worms 2011

    This title sequence gets across some of the game mechanics in the show, introduces the host and evokes new and old forms of media all in under 25 seconds. We... more

  • Gruen Sweat

    Let the gains begin! Covering the world's biggest sporting event, Zapruder's Other Films brings you Gruen Sweat. The team will expose and dissect the marketing bubble that hovers around the Olympic Games.... more

  • Can of Worms 2012

    New host, new titles for 2012. Focussing on the curly questions we created a highly colourful graphic rich title sequence that ends to reveal a map of Australia full of questions... more

  • Xmas: Absence Makes the Brand Grow Stronger

    by James Hackett, Creative Director at Hackett Films

    Christmas is in many ways the perfect brand, it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, it’s infinitely re-imaginable and... more