Bindis Bootcamp

Treasured Aussie Icon Bindi Irwin enters a new stage in her rising career as a wildlife tv game show host! Bindi’s Bootcamp offers young adventurers the chance to get up close to wildlife, and prove they have what it takes to become official ‘Wildlife Warriors’.

Working with Fremantle Media & Sticky Pictures, Hackett Films came
up with three guiding principals for our animated program graphics:
icky-mucky humour, nail biting jeopardy, and a clear description of
the game-play in three of Bindi’s challenges.

We combined mock-serious narrations, dramatic action music, beautifully illustrated jungle wildlife and lush paint splattered environments. Our stylised 3D contestants scramble over obstacle courses before searching under crocodiles, and have lots of messy fun along the way!

Scope 3D Animation, Storyboarding, Concept Development


Fremantle Media & Sticky Pictures

The Team

Director James Hackett
Producer Matt Pearson
Animation Director Stefan Wernick
Animation Rob Moffett, Mary Benn,
Jean Camden, Stefan Feess,
Kim Lund, Anne Spencer