Hackett Films were commissioned to create a light-hearted, character driven 3D commercial for the telco Digicel. It was such a hit in Papua New Guinea that Samoa, Fiji and Vanuatu and New Zealand quickly jumped on board and recruited our characters Sammy and friends to communicate Digicel’s new international money transfer campaign service.

Great bold character design, lush environments and a script that is sensitive to the regions culture, all combine to communicate as clearly as possible the new services from Digicel. Print material such as billboard, comic strips and newspaper ads supported and expanded upon the TVC campaign.

Scope 3D Animation, Compositing Storyboarding, Script writing, Character Design



The Team

Directors James Hackett, Stefan Wernik
Producer Peter Kearney
3D Team Stefan Wernik, Rob Moffett,
Anver Enge, Guy Jamieson, Tristan Lock, Lemin Hua
Background Illustration Mary Benn, Collin Bigelow
Compositing Mary Benn