Cate McQuillen and Hewey Eustace from Mememe Productions approached Hackett Films with an idea for a children's television series. Together we worked on the visual concept for the show, and by 2009 a co-production between Mememe and Decode Entertainment had been formed, and the project commissioned by ABC, CBC, and Cbeebies. With the production in full swing, Jean Camden took the lead of the Australian team, which included co-directing the live action shoots, and supervising storyboarding, character and environment design and rigging; all with the help of Mary Benn as second-in-command. Fifty-two 11 minute episodes later, Jean won the animation direction category in the 2010 ADG (Australian Directors Guild) Awards for her efforts!

Scope Visual Concept, TV Series Direction, Brand Identity, Design, Character Design, Live Action Direction, Animation, Print.


Mememe Productions

The Team

Creators Cate McQuillen and Hewey Eustace, Visual Concept James Hackett, Jean Camden and Cate McQuillen, Executive Producers Cate McQuillen, Hewey Eustace, Steven Denure, Beth Stevenson, Daniel Besen, and Jenny Lalor, Directors Jean Camden (Hackett Films) and Hana Kukal (Decode Entertainment), Animation Producers James Hackett (Hackett Films) and Neishaw Ali (Spin VFX), Design Supervisor Mary Benn, Animation Hackett Films and Spin VFX