DJ Decibel

Remember the days when learning maths meant reading thick, boring text books? Well now it’s fun with DJ Decibel and her break dancing robots, ‘Plug’ and ‘Switch’.

The DJ Decibel game concept was created by Sam Hackett for ABC Splash. A ground breaking education website which helps students, teachers and parents embrace online and digital learning. It has over 2,500 free resources including games, videos and inter actives all tied to the Australian Curriculum.

Sam wrote all of the scripts while James Hackett and the team at Hackett Films designed, developed and built the game in-house at our studio. Built in the 3D game engine “Unity”, it’s aimed at year 8 students as a fun and interactive introduction to volume, Pi and the Cartesian plane.

It’s a three part interactive game that takes the player on a narrative journey guided by DJ Decibel to set up the “Vector Arena”! Maths is used to fix problems that arise, with the aim of keeping the fans in the arena happy which stops them from leaving, earning you more points.

Check it out on the Splash website: Or download it for FREE at iTunes and Google Play.

Scope 3D Animation, Character Design, App Concept and Development


ABC Splash

The Team

ABC Project Directors
Annabel Astbury,
Monique Potts
ABC Project Manager Susan Shi
ESA Maths Expert Martin Richards

Hackett Films
Creative Director James Hackett
Created and Written By Sam Hackett
Producer Sarah Harris
Developers Tom Stewart, Brian Su,
Alexander Cetinski
3D Design and Animation
Konstantin Kovalenko, Jessica Sommerville,
Mike Duggard, Greg Hunsburger
Branding and Interface Design Kim Lund,
Jessica Sommerville
Composer and Music Design Tactile Music

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