The Great Australian Race Riots

Essential Media asked us to design and create the visualisation graphics for the documentary, The Great Australian Race Riots, Directed by Sally Aitken. Our very talented design team worked hard to create a beautifully engaging style using photos taken by Andrew Quilty (2008 Walkley Winner). This provocative three part series examines riots from 1846 until 2013.

*explicit music used

Scope Live action direction, animation


Essential Media

The Team

Essential Media
Peter Fitzsimons
Series Producer & Director Sally Aitken
Writers Sally Aitken, Mike Bluett
Producer  Alan Erson

Photographer Andrew Quilty

Hackett Films
Creative Director
 James Hackett
Producer Matt Pearson
Designers: Kim Lund, Alice Dupre,
Anne Numont, Kyle Griggs, Emanuele
Franco, Jaques du Plessis, Wendy Mather, Marsha Levina

Audio track Briggs 'Bad Apples'