Gruen Planet 2013

Look out the Gruen team are taking on the planet! The continuation from last year's run from CJZ is taking on a broader range of topics including image control, spin, branding and advertising. The title sequence takes place on a media planet where everything is for sale — from celebrities and products to refugees and politicians. The titles were filmed in Hackett Films studio over 3 days using a 1.2 m foam ball rig, paper construction buildings and cars and a cut out animated Will Anderson. This year we refreshed the content - adding new and relevant references throughout the ad - see if you can spot the differences!

Scope Live Action Direction, Stop Motion Animation, Broadcast Package


Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder

The Team

Directors James Hackett, Chris Tan
Producer Matt Pearson
Animation and Compositing Chris Tan,
Matt Brunner, Christian Heinrich, Peter Nizic
Stop Motion Artist Normand Yeend
DOP Dan Freene
Gaffer Steven Schofield
Set Builders Big Kahuna Imagineering,
Shane Jacobson, plus many volunteers