Gruen Sweat

Let the gains begin! Covering the world's biggest sporting event, Zapruder's Other Films brings you Gruen Sweat. The team will expose and dissect the marketing bubble that hovers around the Olympic Games. In our 4th title sequence under the Gruen banner, Hackett Films presents a comically animated Wil Anderson, who takes on a sample of Olympic sports. From lighting the torch to diving through the marketing hype into the pool of merchandising our hero runs the advertising and sponsorship hurdles to expose the secrets behind the real Olympic sweat. The collage-style was created using a combination of stop-motion typography, photographs and illustration, and was assembled in Adobe After Effects 3D space.

Scope 2D Animation, Live Action Direction


Zapruder's Other Films

The Team

Directors James Hackett & Jean Camden
Producer Matt Pearson
Animators Mary Benn, Rob Moffett,
Greg Hunsburger, Kim Lund,
Sally Groves