Henry Hoo Teaser

Henry Hoo is a full on global rockstar with a passion for creative experimentation. While touring the world his band battles for chart supremacy with corrupt K-Pop overlord Ken Lee and his band 'Box of Puppies'.

Unlike Henry, Ken Lee will use what ever means necessary to promote his band; merchandise canons, brain washing small countries or buying primary schools - so 'Box of Puppies' becomes a compulsory subject. Henry and his gang must thwart Ken's evil tactics and save the kids from exploitation while staying true to their own values of honest creativity.

Henry suspects that the gorgeous performers in 'Box of Puppies' are actually robots controlled by Ken, however nobody else seems to have noticed - is it just another of his wacky theories?

Scope 2D animation, character design, script writing


Bubblegoose Productions

The Team

Executive Producer Michael Henry,
James Hackett
Created by 
Michael Henry
 James Hackett

Produced and Developed by
Bubblegoose Productions
and Hackett Films

Producer Matt Pearson
Animation Kim Lund, Peter Nizic,
Mary Benn, Alex Pinches, Marianna Orsolic
Character Design Julie Doye, James Hackett,
Marianna Orsolic

Music Director Michael Henry
Sound Design Nigel Christensen