Lucy Illustration in ‘Voyage to the Deep’

Lucy is back for the third year in another adventure at the Australian National Maritime Museum. This year Lucy is rockin’ the steam punk theme in a stunning matte painting of exhibiting the Nautilus. Voyage to the Deep was inspired 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas, a fantastical novel written by Jules Verne almost 150 years ago.

Scope 3D modelling, 2D compositing, illustration



The Team

Creative Partners
 Mike O’Rourke,
Tim Bloore
Managing Partner Mathew Daunt
Account Director Cate McNeil

Hackett Films
Character Design James Hackett
Producer Sarah Harris
Illustration Kim Lund, Olivia Kong
3D Modelling Kostya Kovalenko
3D Lighting & Rendering Kostya Kovalenko