Dylan and Jessica’s Story

Hackett Films were commissioned to make these animations as part of the NSW School-Link Initiative. The objective is to aid teachers in identifying mental health problems early and assisting children, young people and their families to access appropriate professional help. We created vibrantly illustrated worlds to bring our troubled children to life in a fusion of 2D and 3D. One film (currently confidential) looks back on Dylan and his struggles at school, where due to behavioural difficulties he finds himself isolated and out of control. Everything changes when his teacher makes a special effort to point him in the right direction. Following on from Dylan's Story we created another animation to explain how educators can help kids with learning disabilities. The film shows how her year co-ordinator helps Jessica cope with starting high school to make her feel more comfortable, calm and happy. Click on the link below to see the full 'Meet Jessica' program and access the workshop resources.



Scope Storyboard, Character Design, 3D Animation, 2D Animation


Sydney Children’s Hospital Network

The Team

Director Alice Dupré
Producer Matthew Pearson
Character Design Alice Dupré
Illustration Alice Dupré
3D Modeller Jess Sommerville, Kostya Kovalenko
3D Animation Kostya Kovalenko
2D Animation & Compositing
Kim Lund, Kelsey Shanahan, Alice Dupré
Audio Tactile Music