Child SAFE Book Series

Meet Sam, Andy, Fiona and Eve from the SAFE book series. The challenge was how to communicate to preschoolers the dangers and issues that could confront them without making them afraid to leave the house? Together with The Office of Children's Guardian, we developed a series of books and posters that create conversations about staying safe with young children. Designed to help educators feel confident and comfortable about helping kids understand how to stay safe and happy. These books use charming rhyming couplets and simple bold illustrations to help educators talk to kids about risks, emotions and useful tips to keep them safe. 10,000 copies were printed but demand is so high another print run is on the way.

Scope Scripts, Design, Illustration, Artwork


The Office of the Children's Guardian

The Team

Creative Director James Hackett
Writing James Hackett
Illustration Kim Lund, Joseph Lui, James Hackett
Design Wendy Mather