School A to Z Illustrations

The Department of Education and Training’s (DET) exciting 'School A to Z' project provides a multi-platform demystifier for parents and children engaged in the NSW public school system. Mary and Jean had the pleasure of working with DET corporate communication gurus Tracey Sen and Lynn Garlick, to create a graphics package and branding identity for their project. Charming illustration, character animation and design love came together to provide a vibrant, fun brand that addressed a variety of needs from phone apps, print media, web collaboration to title sequence animation.

View the online media here.

Scope Script writing, Brand Identity, Character Design, Animation, Broadcast Package, Web collaboration, App development, Print design


NSW Department of Education and Training

The Team

Creative Director James Hackett
Directors Mary Benn, Jean Camden
Producers Kala Ellis, Matt Pearson
Animation Mary Benn, Anna Fraser, Jean Camden, Julian Burgess