Sex: An Unnatural History

Naked wobbly bits! There was too much fun to be had and too many inappropriate office jokes made for us not to enjoy working with Luke Eve, Michaela Perske and Penny Chapman from Matchbox Pictures. Their six part factual series exploring the unnatural history of sex in Australia, required branding, titles and explanatory program graphics from Hackett Films. Disguising 3D animation as vector art, we were able to walk a caricature of host Julia Zemiro through a timeline of changing attitudes; from procreation, love, society, Christianity, fashion to sex in the future.

Scope Script Writing, Brand Identity, Character Design, Animation, Print, Program Graphics


Matchbox Pictures

The Team

Directors James Hackett, Mary Benn
Producer Peter Kearney
Animation Mary Benn, Ben Wright,
Jean Camden, Rob Moffett,
Daniel Shnitzer, Anna Fraser