• Child SAFE Book Series

    Meet Sam, Andy, Fiona and Eve from the SAFE book series. The challenge was how to communicate to preschoolers the dangers and issues that could confront them without making them afraid to... more

  • Lucy Illustration in ‘Voyage to the Deep’

    Lucy is back for the third year in another adventure at the Australian National Maritime Museum. This year Lucy is rockin’ the steam punk theme in a stunning matte painting... more

  • Maritime Museum ‘Choose your own adventure’ Illustrations

    We created four variations of Lucy for the print component of the Maritime Museum campaign: Captain Cook style, water warrior, pirate and modern captain. We worked at a crazy resolution... more

  • How to Make a Planet

    Thanks to Ariana Klepac Publishing, Hackett Films has made a grand entrance into the world of book illustration! Working alongside Weldon Owen Publishing, Ariana approached us in 2011, in need... more

  • Caricatures

    Do you want to immortalise your stars as USB sticks? We’ve done it! We love to take a famous face and apply our character design and illustration skills to create... more

  • Digicel Illustrations

    We were commissioned to create light-hearted, character driven 3D commercials for the telco Digicel. It was such a hit in Papua New Guinea that Samoa, Fiji and Vanuatu and New... more

  • McDonalds Storybook Pitch

    Mark Medernach from Duck Studios put a call out for illustrated storybook concepts, and Hackett Films responded with Jack and the Beanstalk meets a Fancy Dress Party! Our hero character... more

  • School A to Z Illustrations

    The Department of Education and Training’s (DET) exciting 'School A to Z' project provides a multi-platform demystifier for parents and children engaged in the NSW public school system. Mary and Jean... more