• Child SAFE Book Series

    Meet Sam, Andy, Fiona and Eve from the SAFE book series. The challenge was how to communicate to preschoolers the dangers and issues that could confront them without making them afraid to... more

  • St Vincents Hospital Heart Health Procedures

    The Heart Health team at St Vincents Hospital asked us to help them create a series of animated procedures to inform their patients in a clear, simple and non threatening way. The... more

  • Office of Children’s Guardian

    The Office of Children's Guardian came to us with a tough brief to produce a 2D animated video that informs young actors of what they need to know when working... more

  • Dylan and Jessica’s Story

    Hackett Films were commissioned to make these animations as part of the NSW School-Link Initiative. The objective is to aid teachers in identifying mental health problems early and assisting children,... more

  • Dob in a tosser!

    We have developed a friendly, graphic style for the EPA to communicate the innovative ideas they have come up with to keep NSW beautiful. With the new reporting portal you... more

  • Waste less, recycle more

    As part of new waste regulations for 2014 in NSW, the EPA engaged us to help them clearly communicate important changes. We created an isometric world to help convey the... more

  • DJ Decibel

    Remember the days when learning maths meant reading thick, boring text books? Well now it’s fun with DJ Decibel and her break dancing robots, ‘Plug’ and ‘Switch’. The DJ... more

  • Habitat

    Elevator Entertainment commissioned Hackett Films to make an app featuring adorable polar bears! In the vein of the Tamagotchi persistence play craze of the 90s, players will undertake actions to... more

  • School A to Z

    The Department of Education and Training's (DET) exciting 'School A to Z' project provides a multi-platform demystifier for parents and children engaged in the NSW public school system. We had the... more

  • Think Before

    Hackett Films was approached to create a student campaign about travelling safely, which included an animation, website design, app design and poster prints. The animated film was inspired by a... more